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How will the economy change your spending habits this year?

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Age Lessons is a thinking firm... PDF Print E-mail

[part think tank, part consulting firm] Age Lessons tackles multi-generational issues on two fronts: the workplace and the marketplace. We help companies reach people where they live and work to optimize consumer product sales and on-the-job performance.

Every generation is unique. It has its own look. Its own style. Its own jargon. Its own music. Its own  heroes. Its own touchpoints.  Its own technologies. Its own ethic.

Marketers  need to understand the points of cultural diversion and intersection to shape campaigns that resonate with target audiences.

Employers  need to understand how different generations work and communicate to optimize the output of vital human capital and minimize intergenerational friction.

AgeLessons can help you do both.

Vibrant Nation: Book Captures Essence of Boomer Women
If there is a single adjective that reflects the spirit of Boomer women, it’s vibrant. Which explains why Stephen Reily incorporated the word into both his web site URL and the title of a revealing new book co-authored with Carol Orsborn. Vibrant Nation: What Boomer Women 50+ Know, Think, Do & Buy is a must-read for any marketer who wants to understand what makes these women tick, who they are, what they care about, how to reach them, and the emotional triggers that will convert interest into purchase.
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