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On Overload, Boomer Caregivers Turn First for Aid to Facebook
Per Age Lessons Boomer Social Media StudyTM

CHICAGO  – Baby Boomers caring for aging parents rely on the Internet, and social media in particular, for emotional support and practical suggestions, spending more than 150 minutes per person per month viewing 1,010 pages on Facebook, over 70% more time and more pages than the average Internet user, according to the Age Lessons Boomer Social Media Study. The research examined the online habits of 3.8 million Boomer caregivers and was fielded by comScore.

“Time and information are two of the most valuable assets to Boomer caregivers,” noted Laurel Kennedy, author of the elder care book The Daughter Trap and founder of the multi-generational consulting firm Age Lessons. “The Internet affords caregivers the chance to connect with others at a time and place of their choosing for support and suggestions, while saving time shopping and searching online.” November is National Family Caregivers Month in the United States.

Middle-age caregivers were more than 3.5 times as likely as the average Boomer to drop in on LinkedIn and MyLife and three times as likely to check out Yelp, Citysearch and Shopzilla when shopping or searching online. According to the Age Lessons Boomer Social Media Study, the Top 10 sites favored by Boomers caring for an elderly relative include:

Top 10 Sites for Boomer Caregivers by Reach

1.Facebook [91%]
2.Amazon [76%]
3.Wal-Mart [41%]
3.Federated Media Publishing [41%]
4.Linked In [37%]
5.Target [33%]
6.Technorati [32%]
7.Yelp [30%]
8.WordPress [29%]
9.My Life [21%]
9.Twitter [21%]
10.Shopzilla [20%]
Source: comScore for AgeLessons

The most popular Web destinations by category, visited by 100% of Boomer caregivers during June 2010 included business/finance sites, community, conversational media, corporate presence, directories/resources, entertainment, news/information, promotional servers, retail, search/navigation, services, technology and telecommunications.

Methodology. The quantitative portion of the Age Lessons Boomer Social Media Study was conducted in June 2010 by comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, and compares the online habits of 3.8 million Boomers who actively researched caregiving online at any of 31 designated web sites with other Boomers and the general Internet population. Qualitative information comes from 200+ depth interviews Age Lessons conducted with Boomer caregivers.

For more information about the Age Lessons Boomer Social Media Study, or to order a copy, visit or contact Laurel Kennedy at 773.252.0123.
About Age Lessons

Age Lessons is the pre-eminent multi-generational think tank in the U.S., converting knowledge of the Baby Boomer generation and other age cohorts into business opportunities, workplace policies and strategic recommendations for private and public sector clients. The company provides a barometer on Boomer needs, wants and values in five life areas: finance/money, wellness/body, values/spirit, career/work and social/play. Age Lessons President Laurel Kennedy is the author of the top-selling elder care book The Daughter Trap: Taking Care of Mom and Dad…and You.