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Boomer Labor Shortage Threatens Critical Sectors: Age Lessons Proposes “Skills Brokerage” Concept To Guarantee Labor Supply, Save Industries PDF Print E-mail
CHICAGO—Baby Boomer retirements and a too-small baby bust generation [12 million fewer workers per retired Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan] will conspire to create a brain drain of unprecedented proportions starting in less than four years according to Laurel Kennedy, president of Age Lessons, the Baby Boomer solutions firm. “Vulnerable sectors such as air traffic control, health care and the government should tap into the older worker pool, keeping these valuable personnel employed beyond age 65. One retention mechanism would be to re-purpose professional groups and trade associations as ”Skills Brokerages” that match qualified workers to employer needs and maintain performance standards.”

Age Lessons Consultant Tom Conley, a long-time association executive and former President of the National Housewares Manufacturers Association and Toy Industry Association, concurs. “Older workers may prove to be the lifeline that reinvigorates associations, giving them a renewed purpose and the ability to access an entire generation of workers for a longer period of time, capturing revenue from membership dues and fees associated with continuing education, certification and placement activities.”


More than 80% of Boomers intend to work during retirement, but no mechanism currently exists for plugging them into the employment picture once retired. At the same time, associations are struggling in the post 9/11 environment, losing revenue streams as exhibit and destination-based programs get re-directed to the Web for convenience, safety and cost-cutting reasons. Conley added,” Morphing into Skills Brokerages would transform associations into more relevant entities capable of responding to the employer and Boomer need for more flexible and creative employment options.”

For more information about the Skills Brokerage concept and other Age Lessons working retirement solutions, contact Laurel Kennedy at 773.252.0123 or visit the company web site .

About Age Lessons: Age Lessons offers innovative solutions addressing the unique needs of the Baby Boomer cohort including working retirement programs designed to help companies retain and attract mature workers such as LinkAGEs™, as well as BoomerView™ audits that evaluate advertising messages, packaging and product designs against Boomer normative benchmarks.

Laurel Kennedy, Age Lessons president, is writing a book about Boomer women and elder care, proposing actionable ideas for employers, government agencies and local communities.