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The Nielsen Company, Age Lessons Reveal New Type of Baby Boomer: The Pivot Spender PDF Print E-mail
Pivot Spenders Extend Ongoing Financial Support to Aging Parents, Adult Children 18+ To the Tune of $1000+ Per Year

Schaumburg, Illinois–A national study of Baby Boomers conducted by The Nielsen Company and Age Lessons has uncovered a new market segment known as Pivot Spenders who provide financial support to elderly/retired parents or an adult child 18+ on an ongoing basis.
Age Lessons/Nielsen Survey Finds Parents Spend Big to Keep Older Kids Afloat: Benevolent Boomers Open Wallets to Launch New Grads PDF Print E-mail
CHICAGO—When graduates reach for their diplomas at June commencement ceremonies, Baby Boomer parents will be reaching for their wallets according to a just-released survey conducted by Age Lessons and The Nielsen Company. The national survey discovered that almost one-quarter of U.S. Boomer households contribute to the financial upkeep of an adult child over age 18 and not in college, and that 56 percent of those households spend more than $1,000 each year. “Family matters.
Age Lessons Study Disproves Conventional Wisdom; Age Discrimination Impacts Young Workers More Often than Old, Men More than Women: Status Quo, Fear of Being Tagged A Problem or Victim Prompts Underreporting PDF Print E-mail

CHICAGO—Contrary to conventional wisdom, younger workers [36% of 18-34 year olds] are more likely to say they experienced age discrimination than older, 35+ workers [24%] in a national online study from Age Lessons, the Boomer consulting firm, fielded by Harris Interactive®.

Mature Workers Share Labor Day Worries: Age Lessons Study Reveals Workplace 3Rs— Redundancy, Relevance, Resentment PDF Print E-mail
CHICAGO—Let them do work! That’s the Labor Day anthem for mature workers according to a newly-released study by Age Lessons, a Chicago-based intergenerational consulting firm, that identified the workplace “3 Rs” that keep Baby Boomer employees up at night—fear of redundancy [layoffs, firings], relevance [keeping skills current] and resentment from younger associates.
CrossTalk: Communicating Across the Generation Gap Age Lessons Addresses Multi-Generational Communications At Network of Executive Women National Summit PDF Print E-mail
MINNEAPOLIS—To text or not to text? That’s just one of the multi-generational communication questions that managers encounter on the job every day, asserted Laurel Kennedy, president of Age Lessons, the multi-generational consulting firm, at the 2008 NEW Annual Leadership Summit. “Effective communication remains one of the most difficult challenges in business,” stated Kennedy, “and achieving the right mix of media, message and modality that resonates across generational divides is critical to the success of any enterprise.”
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