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What’s your big idea for addressing the aging crisis? We’ll be posing a series of questions about different aspects of aging and getting your Big Ideas about them. Share your solutions with us and we’ll make sure your voice and ideas get heard.  It’s called “crowdsourcing” and uses the Web to harness the potential problem-solving power of millions.

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New Thinking
The Pivot Spender Phenomenon™ PDF Print E-mail

Boomers are the financial epicenter of the family supporting aging parents, adult children, and their at-home family members too. 

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Ageism: Managing On the Bias PDF Print E-mail

Age discrimination is more than a bad practice--it’s simply bad business.

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Boomer Marketing Myths PDF Print E-mail

Why consumers over 40 have become the new marketing sweet spot.

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Baby Boomers At Work PDF Print E-mail

80% of Boomers plan to work in retirement and get paid for their labors. Some because they want to. Some because they need to.

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Baby Boomers Open Door to New Housing Options PDF Print E-mail

From jewel boxes to affinity living to lifelong learning, there's a residential solution to fit.

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