CrossTalk: Communicating Across the Generation Gap Age Lessons Addresses Multi-Generational Communications At Network of Executive Women National Summit Print
MINNEAPOLIS—To text or not to text? That’s just one of the multi-generational communication questions that managers encounter on the job every day, asserted Laurel Kennedy, president of Age Lessons, the multi-generational consulting firm, at the 2008 NEW Annual Leadership Summit. “Effective communication remains one of the most difficult challenges in business,” stated Kennedy, “and achieving the right mix of media, message and modality that resonates across generational divides is critical to the success of any enterprise.”

“Generational differences surface in the workplace along a number of dimensions, from work styles to team orientation, from preferred technologies to contact frequency, from values to belief sets that color communication and interactions,” Kennedy added. The one-hour seminar titled CrossTalk: Communicating Across the Generation Gap explored classic communications models and introduced attendees to the proprietary Age Lessons ACTIVE Matrix™ which details the four generations now working together along six dimensions: acceptance of authority, cultural touchpoints, technology preferences, interactive style, values and attitudes and work ethic.

About Age Lessons
Age Lessons is the pre-eminent intergenerational think tank in the U.S., converting deep knowledge about the different age cohorts in the workplace into business opportunities and policy recommendations for private and public sector clients. For more information, please visit or contact John Myers of Age Lessons at 773.252.0123.